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  • Shinya Kimura

    Shinya Kimura is a Japanese born custom bike builder that builds 2 wheeled art, famous for founding the “zero-style” movement. He runs his own shop, Chabott Engineering out of Azusa California. Zero-style – A zero-style bike is typically based around a rigid gooseneck, a pre-1984 Harley Davidson engine, springer front end, spoked wheels and often […]

  • Great idea

    Every once in awhile a great idea pops around. This is it.

  • Mini Creative challenge Round 5 Finalist

    On the fifth round of the challenge, Jono and I entered 3 different concepts and all 3 got into the finals. Awesome! “Love Your Mudder” One of the pure joys of driving a 4WD comes from getting out and putting it through its paces, and then from displaying the results as a badge of pride. […]

  • Mini Creative challenge Round 4 Winner

    This is my winning entry with my copywriter,  Jono Wright entitled ‘More’ Do More These engaging, cheeky scenarios emphasise the practicality, versatility and functional attributes of the MINI Clubman. Each targets a sub-tribe of the extroverted, unconventional target market. Threesome has a risque, taboo content to appeal to the unabashed sexuality of daring women and […]

  • Tiger Translate Top 10

    This was my submission for the Tiger Translate competition last year. I had good fun illustrating the tigers…we’ll see whats next this year, eh?