Edwin is a creative individual with diverse experience in advertising and related fields. Having worked his way up from the trenches of the industry, he salivates for opportunities to expand his range and produce top quality ads that provoke, persuade and inspire.

Edwin started his career in 2004 as a designer at ProGrafica. He then progressed to The Glasshouse, where he honed his colour management skills on accounts such as CBA and Wildfire Publishing. In 2006 Edwin entered the publishing industry as a retoucher and designer at ACP. There he developed his abilities on various publications, most notably on the launch of Belle, which he helped it to become the highest circulation home décor magazine in Australia. Edwin joined BWM in 2008 as a designer and image specialist working on clients including Telstra, NIB, Sanitarium and Simplot. Since then, he has started his T-shirt business under uglynakedman.com and has held several art exhibitions.

Edwin has been in the game long enough to know the ropes and avoid the pitfalls, and he’s not afraid of long days, late nights, hard work and frank criticism. With a rare combination of hard-won experience and fresh enthusiasm, Edwin is poised to push the boundaries as a creative.

The Ninja