Mini Creative challenge Round 5 Finalist

On the fifth round of the challenge, Jono and I entered 3 different concepts and all 3 got into the finals. Awesome!

“Love Your Mudder”

One of the pure joys of driving a 4WD comes from getting out and putting it through its paces, and then from displaying the results as a badge of pride. Even in an urban setting, the 4WD driver seeks out that boggy patch on the driveway, that gravel end of the parking lot, and revels in the opportunity to test their mettle and their car’s capacities. With a eminently capable off-roader like the MINI Countryman, a dirty exterior is proof that this is no show pony but rather a true all terrain vehicle.

CREDITS: Art Director Edwin Kua, Copywriter: Jonathan Wright.


“Go Ahead, Cut Some Corners”

The biggest benefits of driving a 4WD MINI Countryman are being able to bend the rules, to take the (dirt) road less travelled, to colour outside the lines and to know you’re in the smarter 4WD, not just the bigger one. This campaign uses the wide open vistas and the enticement of exploring that rugged turnoff or straightening that bend, while reminding us that an oversized urban assault vehicle is not necessarily the best suited 4WD. The conspiratorial tone of the ‘go ahead’ message hints at the excitement and rebellious fun that unmistakably are at the heart of the Countryman’s appeal.

CREDITS: Art Director Edwin Kua, Copywriter: Jonathan Wright.


“No Signal – Get Used to It”

The object of this ad is to illustrate the off-road capabilities of the Countryman by taking a potentially negative aspect and making it a positive. The freedom of driving away from civilisation is also freedom from the hassles of urban life, including intrusive or unwanted communication. The Countryman promises escape, offering the seductive allure of being able to take off in any direction, unbound by the constraints of pavement. With the off-road capabilities of the MINI Countryman you can truly get out of the modern grind and just drive until you find serenity.

CREDITS: Art Director Edwin Kua & Copywriter: Jonathan Wright.

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