Tiger Translate 2012 Finalist


So another year came and gone from 2011's Tiger translate. The above is my attempt to 2012's Tiger Translate competition. Once again i was pretty excited that i made the panel of finalists, but soon turn to dismay when i found out the 8 finalists would be judged by no. of likes on Facebook. That means no qualified judges to judge but solely based on how many favors you have to call in from your friends you have on Facebook to vote for you. I think it was a waste of my time and Tiger Translate competition is a complete joke. If you are keen to view the rest of the finalists,...

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Sweden’s safest hands


Do you have Sweden's safest hands? A competition that challenges people in Sweden to carry parcels as safe as the Swedish Post, by using their iPhones. If you “deliver” the digital parcel intact, before everyone else, you win the content (with a value between 300 and 5000 SEK). The content is delivered to the winner the very next day. Every day at 6 AM, 12 PM and 6 PM a new parcel is released in the app. 42 parcels in total. The competitors have 24 hours to deliver the parcel.

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