The real dark knight rises trailer


So...some of you may have already seen this but here goes anyway, the new batman trailer is out. So before all you movie buffs go 'what the fuck?! again?!', i just want to say this new dark knight film will be epic!

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Super hero snuggies….Now THAT is cool


You know how snuggies have always been deemed as uncool and daggy, well not anymore. Check out these babies...I'm thinking of buying one and cutting it then sew me a batman costume! Not bad for $35. Product site

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Spiderman, Batman & Ironman Get Loose At A Kids Party


Hmm...Booties poppin' and crotches rockin' for a kids party.... I think i like it.

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Alex Ross art


Alex Ross has always been my favourite artist/painter of all time. His take on the DC universe is very mythological...almost god like. He has been described as the Norman Rockwell of the comics world. enjoy

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Bat Vader


Pretty cool cosplay.  

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