Project Re-brief by Google


In 2011, Google partnered with four global brands in an advertising experiment. The goal was simple - how can the ideas that defined the advertising industry in its infancy, inspire a whole new generation of creatives and marketers? We re-imagined and remade their most iconic ad campaigns from the 1960's and 1970's with today's technology, led by the creative legends who made these campaigns. Link to Google's Project ReBrief site

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Twinings Ad – Gets You Back To You – Hill


The latest Twinings Ad from the Gets You Back To You campaign. Featuring 'American folk-rock starlet' Lissie singing a cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Go Your Own Way"

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OMCOPTER – Ninja shoot with Epic


This video is to demonstrate the capabilities of the OMCOPTER drone. Apparently James Cameron, Peter Jackson and Ridley Scott have place huge orders already. It showcases its ability to fly into buildings, close to actors and into high altitudes. Notice: The clip only has two cuts!

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Brain Scan PSA for Alzheimer Society


Wonderfully executed ad for Alzheimer Society British Columbia. Real simple, real powerful.

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Good Books Great Writers Series – Metamorphosis


To help get the Good Books word out amazing creatives have developed this unique and literary way to tell the Good Books story. Great design.

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TRON like light suits


Ever wondered how a bunch of people in TRON suits dancing would look like? Wel...Chech this one out. I think it makes great TVC and i can't ...lights....mmmmm...pretty...mmm...

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Mercedes-Benz F-CELL: The Invisible Mercedes


When Mercedes wanted to promote its new fuel cell vehicle, instead of placing it squarely in front of everyone in the world, the company decided to make the car invisible.

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The Paranormal Unicorn lightbox effect


An audio-visual delicacy, the Paranormal Unicorn is a DJ stage custom made only for the juiciest of parties. Together with the DJ duo Skitzophonics, hundreds of hours of sweat, blood and alcohol were spent creating this sexy piece of eye candy.

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Guardian Open Journalism: Three Little Pigs


This advert for the Guardian’s open journalism, screened for the first time on 29 February 2012, imagines how we might cover the story of the three little pigs in print and online. Follow the story from the paper’s front page headline, through a social media discussion and finally to an unexpected conclusion.

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Prudential: Day One Linda


A chapter in a documentary-style series created by Prudential about Americans' first day of retirement, this spot captures Linda Gutherie's first thoughts on retiring early. Linda’s touching story shares how she confronts and learns from loss, in order to embrace every moment of retirement in happiness.

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Mazda: Defy Convention


Masahiro Moro, one of Mazda's executives, gives a heartfelt talk about a secret that the city of Hiroshima and his company share -- following conventional wisdom does not guarantee success. In fact, for a small company or a city facing incredible hardship, success comes from to defying popular opinion and following your vision without giving up.

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Sharpie: Start with Sharpie


This beautiful ad explores the inspiration and journey of a young illustrator who uses Sharpies to turn disposable coffee cups into works of art. It's an authentic story that might inspire all of us to pick up a tool and create.

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Apple iPhone 4S: Road Trip, Rock God


Nothing too crazy about these ads however it is good to know Siri's capabilities....after all it is running off an existing campaign.

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KAYAK Brain Surgeon


Be the brains of your own travel operation.

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British Airways: The Race


Really funny and inventive ad by British Airways for the 2012 London Olympic Games. Some suitcases from Usa, Uk, Japan, Brazil and South Africa put up a fantastic race to get to their destination as soon as possible.

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GE Future Folklore: Water, Fireflies


These guys have done it again...pretty epic, this one. Advertising Agency: TBWA TEQUILA Shanghai, China Creative Directors: Chien Hwang, Lincoln Damen, Dwayne Koh Art Directors: Hank Huang, Yu Yong Copywriter: Haiyang Yu Illustrator: I Love Dust Production Company: B&A Reps Asia General Manager: Scarlett Lok Agency Producer: Allen Chen Account Director / Senior Account Executive: Scarlett Lok Account Executive / Manager: Angela Xu Media Agency: Starcom Media Team: Sarika Tulsyan, Stella Jamie Lui, Ivy Wu

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Volkswagon: The legend of the Saci, The legend of the headless mule

legend of the450

Check these ads out. Really interesting grindhouse effect for these ads. Amazing grade.

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Schweppes Cannibals


Does this ad tick all the boxes? hmmm.....

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Old Spice Motorcycle


The scents of Old Spice turn embarrassingly normal guys into face model champions who smell like adventure and fine cutlery. So douse your body regions with the scents of Old Spice and "Smell Better Than Yourself."

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Volkswagen: No Sheep – No Sleep


Tiredness Recognition System from Volkswagen.

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