star wars

Cello Wars


Two dudes dressed as Jedis battling it out on electric cellos with lightsaber bows while Darth Vader gets his dark side loving rocks off in the background.

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Star Wars : Where Everybody Knows Your Name


This is a video of the Cheers theme song set to Photoshopped pictures of Mos Eisley patrons.

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Time to educate them kids…


Because we all need to learn our ABCs, you too can have fun quizzing those little brats with this Star Wars ABC chart. Have fun. Couple of letters look like penises. Haha.

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Campaign turns railings into Star Wars Lightsabers


To promote the new Star Wars “The Complete Saga” Blu-ray DVD boxset release that went on sale from Sept 16th in Japan, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Japan are running a very cool campaign on Tokyo’s trains. For a period the train’s railings have been transformed into life size lightsabers.

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Vader’s Imperial March On 3.5″ Floppy Drives


Star Wars fans would be pleased. "The sound created by movement of the head, which is moved in steps with sufficient frequency. Interface description can be found, for example HERE. Simply activate the station by providing a low-to DRVSB0 or 1 (depending on whether we have the tape from the cross and to which the plug is connected to the station) and choose the direction of head movement (low \ high on DIR) and the trailing edge of the head movement will cause STEP one step. ATMega microcontroller controls the whole."

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Table salt art


Its been done before with coffee/sand/etc...but still pretty cool cuz its Zelda and Star Wars!

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