Paint splatter superheroes


This is series of wonderful digital paint splatter superheroes by artist Arian Noveir. Looks awesome.

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Grunge art by Lora Zombie


Lora Zombie calls her bright, color splattered watercolors “grunge art”. Her speech bubble heavy works, mix diverse linear characters with perfectly placed splashes of paint, giving the pieces a happy mix of perfection and chaos. Very nice work. Thanks to Ashley New for bringing this to attention Watch Lora create 'Love Shock'   Lora Zombie website

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The Bizarre world of russian posters


In Russia, rich entrepreneurs will often purchase films to be shown at rural cinemas and employ artists to create posters, loosely based on the originals. i remember seeing posters such as these growing up in Malaysia. Of course they were a lot better quality. However rich the russians may be, it seems that it's awfully hard to find a decent working artist in some parts of Russia. Thank you Jono Wright for forwarding this on.

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