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  • Merry SlaughterXmas

    Merry SlaughterXmas

    Ever made a slaughterhouse? Here is some inspiration. Every man’s dream…ahhh…



    Abit of art work from both Jono Wright and myself. Enjoy people and have a Merry Christmas!!!

  • Holiday miracle

    Holiday miracle

    I’m not too sure if this is a miracle or not but this ad sure does freak me out. It is one of those videos that makes you go, “what the fuck did i just watch?” And also because i can’t find any other cool videos to waste your time with, this will have to…

  • Bonds 12 Days of Christmas

    Bonds 12 Days of Christmas

    An Aussie take on the traditional Christmas Carol from Bonds. Celebrating Christmas with the full range of Bonds iconic products for Men, Women, Kids, and Bubs. Starring our gorgeous Rachael Taylor, over 60 very talented street cast Aussies and one of Australia’s most incredible voices singing the Bonds version of the 12days of Christmas: Jack…