Category: Great Ads

  • Great compilation of Augmented Reality: the future of digital media

    Augmentation is conventionally in real-time and in semantic context with environmental elements, such as sports scores on TV during a match. With the help of advanced AR technology (e.g. adding computer vision and object recognition) the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable. Artificial information about the environment […]

  • Reventon: The Lamborghini Project

    At an event centered around the Lamborghini Reventon, a team from ‘The Media Merchants’ and ‘JUMP Studios’ took one of the most dramatic cars ever made – and added yet more drama using projection mapping – with Reventon as the canvas, the results are spectacular.

  • GE Future Folklore: Water, Fireflies

    These guys have done it again…pretty epic, this one. Advertising Agency: TBWA TEQUILA Shanghai, China Creative Directors: Chien Hwang, Lincoln Damen, Dwayne Koh Art Directors: Hank Huang, Yu Yong Copywriter: Haiyang Yu Illustrator: I Love Dust Production Company: B&A Reps Asia General Manager: Scarlett Lok Agency Producer: Allen Chen Account Director / Senior Account Executive: […]

  • Volkswagon: The legend of the Saci, The legend of the headless mule

    Check these ads out. Really interesting grindhouse effect for these ads. Amazing grade.

  • Schweppes Cannibals

    Does this ad tick all the boxes? hmmm…..

  • Holiday miracle

    I’m not too sure if this is a miracle or not but this ad sure does freak me out. It is one of those videos that makes you go, “what the fuck did i just watch?” And also because i can’t find any other cool videos to waste your time with, this will have to […]

  • David Laschapelle’s Schweppes

    David LaSchapelle is one of my favourite photographers of all time. His work is so distinctive that we just know its him! Plus i think the partner up with Schweppes makes it all the better. Check it out. This is Cool!

  • Mini Countryman ‘Getaway’

    MINI Getaway Stockholm 2010. A really cool interactive app game for the people of Stockholm. Why can’t we do some of this creative shit?!

  • Take a 5 minute holiday

    This is a nice campaign for Nestle. Great insight and well, got the message across in less than 3 seconds. I could almost see the original scamp with this finished art without much difference.

  • Coopers 62 reasons

    62 reasons to drink Coopers pilsner. Long print ad, may not work for some people, but still puts a smile on your face nonetheless.

  • Old Spice Motorcycle

    The scents of Old Spice turn embarrassingly normal guys into face model champions who smell like adventure and fine cutlery. So douse your body regions with the scents of Old Spice and “Smell Better Than Yourself.”

  • Volkswagen: No Sheep – No Sleep

    Tiredness Recognition System from Volkswagen.

  • Bonds 12 Days of Christmas

    An Aussie take on the traditional Christmas Carol from Bonds. Celebrating Christmas with the full range of Bonds iconic products for Men, Women, Kids, and Bubs. Starring our gorgeous Rachael Taylor, over 60 very talented street cast Aussies and one of Australia’s most incredible voices singing the Bonds version of the 12days of Christmas: Jack […]

  • Future folklore – great cinematography

    Project: GE – Future Folklore – Wind Client: ilovedust / GE / Bernstein & Andriulli Music and Sound Design: Box of Toys Audio BACKGROUND / The first in a series of animated films produced by the talented ilovedust, this one depicting the power of Wind and how GE intends to harness it for our electrical […]

  • Star Wars : Where Everybody Knows Your Name

    This is a video of the Cheers theme song set to Photoshopped pictures of Mos Eisley patrons.

  • It’s a celebration bitches!! My 100th post – Nokia Lumia TVC

    Hidden away in the everyday are billions of little adventures. Daily routines are transformed. Life gets richer. ‘You’ll never guess what happened to me today’ gets said a lot more. And of course, the everyday doesn’t feel everyday anymore.

  • Volkswagen – hedgehogs

    This is a nice piece from Volkswagen. It does feel like it is part of beetle ad by VW launched during superbowl. Then again, you can never go wrong featuring cute animals in ads can you? Enjoy

  • Hold up your arm the longest and win $10,000

    Sony will give you $10,000 if you can hold your arm up longer than anyone else. We’re not even joking, this is an actual contest the company is holding. As part of a promotion for the company’s latest game, Uncharted 3, The company has put up a website, Grab the Ring, in which you can […]

  • Awesome interactive Youtube ad by Zoo.

    It’s Halloween, and sexy ZOO girls Jodie Gasson, Jess Impiazzi and Hayley Sams have gone trick or treating to celebrate… and they want YOU to play with them in our awesome interactive trick or treat!

  • Westlake Hardware: Zombie

    Westlake wanted to grow its younger adult customer base but struggled to connect with younger adults, who have a one-stop-shopping habit of returning to the same big box stores for hardware needs. They knew they would need to update the brand’s tone and look a little to connect with this demographic, but didn’t want to […]