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  • Kinect Grocery Cart

    Kinect Grocery Cart

    Grocery shopping can be a nightmare. Gluten-free, low sodium, organic, free-range, peanut free, lactose free… that stuff’s complicated, man. Not to mention, you have to know where to find it all. That may be why Whole Foods is partnering with an Austin-based company called Chaotic Moon to develop a shopping cart that can help you…



    Abit of art work from both Jono Wright and myself. Enjoy people and have a Merry Christmas!!!

  • The real dark knight rises trailer

    The real dark knight rises trailer

    So…some of you may have already seen this but here goes anyway, the new batman trailer is out. So before all you movie buffs go ‘what the fuck?! again?!’, i just want to say this new dark knight film will be epic!

  • ‘E- Mod’ presentation grid availaible for download FREE.

    ‘E- Mod’ presentation grid availaible for download FREE.

    Hello boys and girls…If you wanna do a schmick presentation, download this grid/layout i created. All the hard work done for you. You’ll need indesign though. Enjoy and spread the love. Linkage to the grid entitled ‘E-Mod’

  • Paint splatter superheroes

    Paint splatter superheroes

    This is series of wonderful digital paint splatter superheroes by artist Arian Noveir. Looks awesome.

  • SeeMedia creative win

    SeeMedia creative win

    Well not exactly first prize, but 2nd place. A creative win none the less…. For those of you who noticed my post sometime in mid September would’ve guessed i would participate. So after some time figuring the environment of these fillboard’s space, I decided to proceed with this creative and it paid out. I am…

  • Adobe unveils amazing ‘unblur’ feature for Photoshop

    Adobe unveils amazing ‘unblur’ feature for Photoshop

    Most of us have had a few photographs ruined by someone’s hand shaking at just the wrong moment – and wished that we could ‘go back in time’ to take the shot again. But as long as you still have the blurred file, hope might be at hand. Adobe – makers of Photoshop – unveiled…

  • Tiger Translate 2012 Finalist

    Tiger Translate 2012 Finalist

    So another year came and gone from 2011’s Tiger translate. The above is my attempt to 2012’s Tiger Translate competition. Once again i was pretty excited that i made the panel of finalists, but soon turn to dismay when i found out the 8 finalists would be judged by no. of likes on Facebook. That…

  • Seemedia competition

    Seemedia competition

    Competition time people! Whip out those wacoms and start thinking! Seemedia competition site

  • AWARD School Top 10

    AWARD School Top 10

    So 16 weeks came and gone with much brain cells exhausted on 11 briefs. When i submitted my folio, I had mixed feelings about the entire course, but now…i am very happy because i made Top 10.